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The security of the passwords you use online is vital; most experts recommend using at least 12 characters in each password and using a different password for each service. NFPass - Password Generator will generate strong passwords every time!


✓ Generates secure and reliable passwords
✓ No sensitive information collected by the server
✓ Can be used completely offline!
✓ No cookies
✓ No ads
✓ 100% free


How can I generate a password?

To generate a password simply press the Floating Action Button, which is located in the bottom right-hand corner.

What is a secure password?

Secure passwords are long, random, mixed-case passwords containing special characters. As a rule of thumb, the longer a password is, the more difficult it is to crack.

Can I customise the password?

Yes! Go the menu and press Settings. From there you can customise your passwords.

Where do I find the menu?

The menu can be accessed by pressing the button located in the top left-hand corner.

Does this app track the passwords I generate?

Absolutely not! This app does not store any data (except settings) and does not use cookies. This means that no information about you or your passwords is passed to the server.

Is this app the most amazing app in the universe?


There is a problem!

This password has been generated using the default character set because you have not provided at least 15 characters in the custom character set!


Copying a password to the clipboard is potentially unsafe. Do you wish to proceed?